The Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Ahmad Abdurrahman, has disowned the two conflicting figures announced by Governor Nasir el-Rufa’i as victims of recent violence crisis in some communities in Kajuru Local Government Council of the State.

The Commissioner said the Police are still investigating and won’t quote or confirm any figure until their probe is concluded.

“Right now, if the Governor tells you even 200, he is just quoting figures. It may be more than that or less than that. For example, the areas you have visited where we were told that 36 bodies were buried, it was not under the purview of the security at the beginning of the investigation until when the Fulani victims themselves came out crying after we have secured all the places with our military counterpart. They now approach the military that come and escort us to come and bury our relations. That was when it was uncovered.”

“As I told the Governor himself, I said figures in a crisis of this magnitude should be left until all investigations have been finished. All those areas we are getting information are covered. You cannot come up with a figure. You will come and say a figure and later you have to come and say it again. And this is what is happening As far as Police is concerned we are investigating and investigation is still at embryonic stage. By the time we reach all areas…as I’m talking to you now, my men are still in the bush, plus SEMA and other CSOs.

“That’s why professionally, we don’t come out with figures until when we are sure and concluded our investigation. So, you see that there is no reason to say this one said this figure or that one said this figure,” he said.

It would be recalled that the Governor had on the eve of the rescheduled presidential election, Friday February 16, 2019, said 66 Fulani people were killed during the attacks in some settlements in the area, which he puts victims to include 22 children and 12 women, but five days later said that the actual number of person killed that Friday in Kajuru Local Government of the state was 130 and not the 66 he said earlier.

Trouble started on Sunday (February 10) night when gunmen, suspected to be Fulani, invaded Angwan Barde, an Adara community, and killed 11 people. The next day (Monday), angry youth in the community were said to have embarked on reprisal attacks, killing an unspecified number of (Fulani) people.

The CP, who also agreed that there was casualty during the Sunday February 10, 2019 attack on Adara people of Barde 1, confirmed that one person has been arrested over the killing in the village. “I am not afraid of saying the truth, I am not afraid of anyone, I am only afraid of God,” he said.

Also, the Senator representing the district, Shehu Sani said: “What I found out about the killing is that it happened between Sunday and Monday. The figures for the death are within the range of 10 to 15. The state government exaggerated the figures and also timed the announcement of it in view of the fact that that place is remote and beyond the reach of many journalists.”

Some communities in the area have also faulted claims by the Governor that such numbers of Fulani people were killed during the recent purported violence crisis.

This is even as the Southern Kaduna Peoples’ Union (SOKAPU) has called on the authorities to exhume the dead bodies of the 130 Fulani people the Governor claimed to have been buried during the crisis.

Meanwhile, speaking with journalists earlier, the President of SOKAPU, Barr. Solomon Musa blamed the Governor for the current crisis in the entire Southern part of the state, while castigating him for raising false figures of victims of the crisis.

“I am sure all of you watched with shock and amazement the announcement of the Governor that 66 people were killed and the announcement was made in such a manner to portray to the world that a day before the election was when this incidence happened assuming if any of such incidences happened.

“As the National President, Hausa, Fulani, Atyap, Bajju, Adara people and all others report incidences to me and you know as a matter of fact, on Sunday, the National President of the Adara Peoples’ Development Association called to inform me that 11 people were killed and I told him that authorities should be notified and you believe they were notified.

“No action was taken by the government, be it at state or local government level. Security agents were not mobilised to go there and nothing was said by the Governor,” he said.

“Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is the greatest security threat to the whole of Kaduna state. He is the greatest security threat. We call on the federal government to act. What we are faced with is not conflict but genocide. It’s terrorism, nothing more, nothing less. If they claim that Southern Kaduna kills people, what about Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa, Taraba and other places?

“The Governor said that every four years there is a case of violence in the southern part of the state. We saw this statement as a proverbial case if a witch crying at night and someone dies at day time. We believe that it is a script that is being prepared, written and to be projected very soon by some persons.

“We cried out to the world and issued out a press statement and to show that somebody is preparing towards election period and that if anything should happen by way of violence in Southern Kaduna, the Governor should be held responsible” he added.