Residents of Kwaru and Ungwan Yero have ignored a curfew imposed on them on August 26 by the Kaduna State Government. The state government announced the restriction on movement in the area after a fight by rival gangs left two youths dead.

Governor Nasir el-Rufa’i visited the families of the victims following the violence in the two communities in Kaduna North Local Government Area.

           Kwaru - Unguwar Yero residents defy curfew

After condoling with the families of the deceased, the Governor announced the curfew to run between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m and later extended it to 24-hour following a fresh attack by suspected gang members two days later.

The hoodlums went on the rampage in Malali, a neighbouring community to Kwaru-Unguwar Yero, attacking residents.

People were going about their normal businesses, and as at 12 noon Sunday, shops where opened, buses and motorcycles were operating commuter services without hindrance, and nothing seemed to have changed.

                                      Kwaru - Unguwar Yero residents defy curfew

Residents who spoke with our reporter said they were going about their normal businesses because the crisis was since over.

“Yes, there is curfew, but as you can see we are not adhering to it because everybody is hungry. We have to go out and get what to feed our families with. The government knows that it is the same youth they did not give work to do that are causing these problems. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop,” Achi Magnus, a resident of Unguwar Yero, said.

Mr. Magnus, an electrician, called on the government to establish vocational centres in the state to engage youth positively.

Also, Hussaini Mukaddas, a community leader at Kwaru, called on the government to review the curfew.

“I think the review of the curfew is due now. That is why residents are not abiding by the order. It was never a religious or communal crisis. It was a gang fight. So people are not worried since the government has identified the people and made some arrests.

“We are happy here in Kwaru and our neighbors at Unguwar Yero are living peacefully now,” he said.

                                          Kwaru - Unguwar Yero residents defy curfew

Many residents who spoke applauded the government for the prompt action taken and called on parents to always know the whereabouts of their children.

Meanwhile, spokesperson to Kaduna State Governor, Samuel Aruwan, said the curfew was still in place.

“The 24-hour curfew is still in place until after the review of the peace status of the areas,” Mr Aruwan told this newspaper on Sunday.

Credit: PremiumTimes