The Kaduna State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has passed a vote of no confidence on President Muhammadu Buhari over the clashes between farmers and herdsmen.

The group also said the proposed establishment of cattle colonies in the country would pave way for the “foreigners to continue to wage unrelenting war against innocent Nigerians.”

While receiving the leadership of the state council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Sunday Ibrahim, the chapter secretary, called on Nigerians to vote for individual performances and not party platforms in 2019.

He said Nigerians need a shift from what is currently available, adding that the only way to effect that shift is through the use of their permanent voter cards (PVC).

“The federal government has consistently told us that these Fulani herdsmen attackers are foreigners. They said the attackers are members of the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWA), who are on a jihad mission,” Ibrahim said.

Adding, “if that is true, it then means that the government of Nigeria has failed us. But we are saying that enough of this bloodshed in our land. Nigerians must be prepared to vote credible people and not people that will continue to tell us lies when they get there.

“Voting pattern this time around should be based on individual performances and not on party platform. Again, politicians must learn from the 2015 experience. Whoever wins should be allowed to lead and whoever loses must accept defeat in good faith.

“Today, we have a lot of hunger in the land, Nigerians are suffering and our leaders seem to be comfortable with what is happening.

“What we need in 2019 is a complete shift from what we are having now and the only way to do it is for Nigerians to obtain the permanent voter cards (PVCs) and use it appropriately when the time comes.”