Dear Honourable Members, Bishop David Oyedepo once said that “a closed mouth is a closed destiny.’’ It is on this light that I am compelled to write an open letter to you.

It is unfortunate that members of the Kaduna State House of Assembly representing the 32 constituencies are yet to come to terms with their original mandate to ensure justice, fairness and freedom for the citizenry when it comes to policy implementation in our dear state. Since the inception of the present government in the state, there have been controversial changes, yet we have not heard your critical voices on the floor of the House. You seem to have forgotten that we elected you to be our eyes and ears in government.

                         Open letter to Kaduna House of Assembly

The governor has continued to initiate policies that caused public outrage and uproar, yet you did not deem it fit to say anything as representatives of the people. Are you there for the government or the people? This question has become necessary because you do not seem to be on the side of those who elected you into the House of Assembly. Ironically, even the voice of the opposition in the House is faint.

What we are witnessing in Kaduna State is the eventual triumph of the political sovereignty of the populace. I stand to be corrected. You people should understand that in a democratic dispensation, representative leadership is not automatic. Therefore, you should be wise because there will be no room for excuses.

We have not forgotten how you trooped to our houses and mai shayi joints begging for votes. You promised heaven and earth. Now, we need you to answer our call and rescue us from the inhuman policies of the governor. We are waiting for you to share in our pain.

We need you to unequivocally declare your stand on the inhuman policies of the governor. We urge you to speak up against what is wrong and endorse those things that are right. You cannot afford to fold your hands while the people are complaining bitterly.

What is your stand on the controversial sack of local government workers? How has the controversial disengagement of 21,000 primary school teachers touched you? Were you not aware of the disengagement of more than 100 members of staff of the Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC)? These are some of the questions we need you to answer.

I am solidly in support of the disengagement of unqualified teachers; my only reservation is the irregularities associated with the exercise.

Dear honourable members, your silence is an endorsement of tyranny and bad government. That is not what we elected you there to do. This is a clarion call for you to rise up to your responsibilities to the people.  You need to stand for truth and justice. You are not there to massage anybody’s political ego. Remember, our votes will soon speak again.

Jabir T. Usman, Sabon Gari Tudun Wada, Kaduna.