Governor Nasir el-rufa’i of Kaduna State has said President Muhammadu Buhari has endorsed his bid to seek re-election in 2019 together with his deputy, Barnabas Bala Bandex. Speaking in a radio live interview on Sunday, to mark the 57th independence anniversary of the country, the Governor remarked that with the endorsement by Mr President, he would definitely seek re-election.

Commenting further, the Governor disclosed that after the endorsement of his candidature by the Kaduna State All Progressives Congress (APC) on September 16, he went and briefed the president. It will be recalled that his endorsement and that of President Buhari was done by a stakeholders’ forum of the APC on September 16, 2017 – a move that has been kicked by many of the party’s big wigs in the State.

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“It was after I have finished briefing him that he (President) gave me the nod to seek re-election together with my deputy.”

However, el-Rufa’i was quick to add that this did not mean any person interested could not come out, saying, you know the constitution of our party allowed for primaries to elect a standard-bearer.

“It equally allows for a consensus candidate if the majority of the party members agreed on a consensus candidate, ” he added.

According to him, whatever be the case, he was ready to face anybody in a free contest in order to clinch the party’s ticket once again.

On the seeming division in the party, the governor maintained that it was the handiwork of some disgruntled elements who thought they could only strive if there were crises.

“Very soon, we are going to invite every stakeholder to a meeting and allow any body who feels he or she is short changed to express his grievances. We are democrats and we are ready to adjust if we erred,”he stressed.