Mixed reactions have continued to trail the rally organised by the Kaduna State Government yesterday, with some lampooning the governor, Mallam Nasir el-Rufa’i, that he never “supported, financed or participated in any prayer session for President Muhammadu Buhari while he was away in London for treatment but yet organized a make-up solidarity rally for him when he came back.”


This follows the pro-Buhari rally on Tuesday in which the Kaduna State governor led his deputy, Architect Barnabas Bala Bantex, state executives, All Progressives Congress (APC) members, and party supporters when they thronged along as el-Rufa’i and his deputy moved in the procession in an open-roof car, dancing and acknowledging cheers from supporters and onlookers for over three hours from government house to Murtala Square, venue of the rally.

Broom wielding youths were seen in open trucks and several others on foot chanting pro Buhari and el-Rufa’i slogans. One of those in the rally who spoke to newsmen said that they were part of the rally because of the successful return of President Buhari from London on medical vacation.

“We thank Almighty Allah for his mercies that have made us see this day and join millions all over Nigeria in celebrating Baba Buhari’s return. We know looters are not happy he is back because they know the anti-corruption fight will be intensified,” a party faithful said, while another  supporter in the rally said that the entire North was happy that Buhari was back and were sure that all problems the country was facing would be solved within a short time.

                              el rufai in get down

However, many have criticized the manner in which the rally was held, especially the part in which the governor danced in ecstasy of the moment. Reactions gleaned on Facebook showed that not a few were displeased that the governor would dance in public despite his religion’s disapproval of such acts by men.

“Abun kunya, tir” was how Ibraheem Sarkin Yakin Kero reacted, while Iliyasu D Suleiman said “har da tsalle ma!” And according to Rabi Kabir Umar: “Yayi rawa har yayi juyi ma! Mutane, mu dinga ma kanmu adalci.” (These translates to:’very shameful’; ‘He is even jumping’; ‘He is dancing and even twisting. People, we should be doing the right thing’).

“Holy Mallam” was how Hussain Muhammad Galadanci Mohammed responded to the act, while Abdullah Usman said “murna ne” (meaning: it’s happiness). But Abdullahi Ibrahim Babanyara Rigasa was of the opinion that “Don murna sai a sabama Allah? Kuma ganin haka ya hallata?” (Because of happiness then one should go against the will of Allah? And seeing that as being right?)

Bala Abubakar said on his page: “For over a hundred days since the trip of President Muhammadu Buhari, you hosted over 37 public events yet never in any of such events did you ever called for prayers over PMB’s health neither in opening or closing prayers.”

                                                      Image result for pictures of posters of el rufai at pro buhari rally

But that does not mean that some are not in support of the governor’s action, as Muhammad Aliyu Labaran said that: “Whatsoever you will say about el-Rufa’i, he has proven to be the one with the masses.” However, this assertion was counterpoised by Hamza G Sarki, as he said that: “Rawa da kida ba shi bane soyayya;” and for Ibrahim Yaro: “Duk nisan jifa…,” while Mustapha Marafa added the clincher: “Karshen alewa dai kasa.” (collectively meaning that: ‘music and dancing is not an indication of love; ‘What goes up must surely comes down’)

Meanwhile, the rally also turned out to become a big political campaign as several supporters were seen carrying posters which bore the pictures of President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor el-Rufa’i.