Maj. General Rogers Nicholas, the Special Task Force Commander of ‘Operation Safe Haven’ in charge of Zango Kataf, Jema’a, Sanga and Kaura local governments in Southern Kaduna,  has vowed that the Military will shoot any Fulani herdsman rearing in the night.

The STF Commander stated this on Saturday at a gathering (discussions) aim at restoring peace in Southern Kaduna organised by Citizen Monitoring Group in partnership with Operation Safe Haven with the Theme: “Peaceful Co-existence, Conflict Prevention, and Building Structures for Sustainable Peace.”

Gen. Nicholas said: “What we have done to ensure peace in Jos will be reciprocated here in Southern Kaduna. Night rearing will not be allowed. If caught, any Fulani man rearing in the night, we’ll shoot him,” he vowed, adding that, “we’ll soon have a surveillance helicopter that will be hovering around to help strengthen our operations here. Justice must be done to ensure peace is restored.”


The gathering had in attendance the Revd Gideon Para-Mallam (Convener) and the Deputy Imam of Kafanchan, Alhaji Kabir Kassim as co -Convener. Also in attendance were traditional rulers, Fulani, Clergymen, Muslims, Christians, leaders of ethnic nationalities, the Police, Military, retired Army Generals, Police Commissioners, and many other stakeholders.

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Other highlights of the parley are as follows:

1. Nobody in Southern Kaduna would henceforth be allowed to take the law into his or her hands.

2. The STF OPSH on Southern kaduna has fully taken over the security of four LGs: Sanga, Jema’a, Zangon Kataf and Kaura.

3. If Fulani grazers enter any farmlands, the owners should immediately call the STF. Any Fulani that allowed his cow to graze on a farm will be made to pay any amount the farmer indicates as cost of damage and if the farmer is attacked after being paid by the Fulani, the STF will catch the Fulani until he produces the attackers.

4. Any farmer that attacks any herdsman for allowing his cow to graze on the farm would be interpreted as that farmer taking the law into his hands. That farmer would be dealt with. The right thing is to report to the security agencies.

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5. Any community that was stopped or scared away from accessing their farms by any group, the STF should be notified immediately for prompt action.

6. The STF has the power to arrest and detain any suspect until investigation is completed. That person will then be handed over to the police for prosecution.

7. Any army checkpoint where the personnel asks for bribe, the Commander STF should be informed of the particular checkpoint and action will be taken.

8. Once you approach an STF checkpoint, stop for checking. Those on bikes should stop and roll their bikes until they pass the checkpoint.

9. All communities should have a local community policing framework in place to identify all strangers and report accordingly.

10. The STF will soon embark on search for weapons. If you know any with weapon in his or her house; or elsewhere, blow the whistle.

11. All Ardos (Fulani Chiefs) should be able to know any foreign/strange Fulani in their midst.

12. Children shouldn’t be allowed to engage in cattle grazing alone without an elder.

13. All Cattle routes should be left free for grazing purposes.

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14. There should be no reprisals again or counter reprisal attacks as the STF will not allow criminals to harass innocent citizens anymore.

15. All military men that were initially in Southern Kaduna will be transfered out. The STF Commander said he is coming with those he worked with in Jos, especially those who helped in restoring peace.

16. All clergymen (Christians and Muslims) were advised to talk to their followers on the need for promoting peaceful co-existence in Southern Kaduna.

17. The STF Commander is being helped in Southern Kaduna by an Assistant Commissioner of Police – Emmanuel Ado.

18. The issue of closed tertiary institutions in Southern kaduna also featured in the discussions. All insisted that there was no justification for the continued closure since other schools in the area are in session.

19. Failure of leadership was partly identified for the continuation of the crisis in the area.

20. Greed and manipulation by politicians was also identified as a reason for the continued crisis as well as rumour mongerings.

21. That a broad based development agenda is required for Southern kaduna now.

22. It was emphatically emphasized that there can be no peace without justice and we all need to work for sustainable peace within the context of justice.

23. Both Christians and Muslims agreed to a call and willingness to support the STF Commander to enable him succeed in Southern Kaduna.

The Convener of the parley, Revd. Gideon Para-Mallam said government must work with the people to ensure peace. “To ensure peace, government must come with humility to work with credible bodies that will engender peaceful co-existence,” while member representing Jema’a/Sanga Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Hon Nicholas Garba Shehu commended the resilient and practical steps taken by the STF, adding that the police must begin to act fast whenever they are call upon for any security breach before it escalates.