The Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan, His Holiness Joseph Bagobiri has said that Kaduna State governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufa’i has failed the test of governing the people of the state, noting that the people would no longer be fooled the second time.

Reacting to alleged plans by el-Rufa’i to relocate to Kafanchan, the headquarters of Southern Kaduna for political campaign, the Bishop noted that governor el-Rufa’i by his actions, in-actions, utterances and harassments of innocent Southern Kaduna people was trying to play God.

The cleric said: “He must know that records abound to show that no mortal who has tried to play God ever succeeded. God’s sovereignty cannot be mimicked. The earlier the governor understands this and change his evil disposition towards us the better for him and Kaduna State.

“We have received words that he is trying to re-locate to Kafanchan for campaigns. This is too late Mallam el Rufa’i. Go and do your campaigns among those you have served as governor to but not Southern Kaduna. We cannot be fooled this time around. You failed the test.


“His major aim is to keep us distracted with violent clashes, while the stealing continues unabated. We watched with admiration the great strides in agricultural development in States like Kebbi, Jigawa, Kano (on rice production) among others, and similar progress in the educational sector in Bayelsa with their new Niger Delta Academy.

“Governor el-Rufa’i has nothing to show in this regard but the sheer abuse of power directed on the Southern Kaduna People.

“We have seen bad government in Nigeria and Kaduna State before, but what is happening currently in our Nation in the area of corruption surpasses all others in terms of depth, scope and absence of the milk of human kindness.

“We can appreciate the silence from the Kaduna State House of Assembly. In the face of myriads of security challenges besetting the State, our legislators have been bought over with contracts from the Executive.

“l am also so sad in seeing that our brother Prof. Nok has allowed himself to be this much compromised. Our sympathy for injustices done to him in ABU have fizzled out with these revelations. He must change. It is as if we have no representatives in the House and in this APC-led government.”

Credit: DailyPost