The Senator representing Kaduna South Senatorial District, Senator Danjuma La’ah has urged the authorities concerned to fish out and deal with all those who vandalised the foundation laying structure of the new military barrack at Kafanchan, Jema’a local government area, Kaduna State . According to the Senator, those who vandalised the structure are nothing but, ‘enemies of Southern Kaduna’.

In a statement signed personally, Senator La’ah said the action of the vandals do not represent the collective wish of Southern Kaduna.

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I wish to express my shock and sadness over the vandalization of the Foundation Laying Ceremony Stone for the proposed Army Barrack in Kafanchan, sometime last week.

This is not only very wrong and unacceptable; it is a disturbing signal that some people do not wish us security and peace – all very pivotal to the development and prosperity of our people.

I am particularly saddened by this development, because I have painstakingly worked very hard toward lobbying the Federal government for at least a military formation in Kafanchan and environs since 2015.

A military barrack, aside providing security also comes with a lot of socio-economic activities including improved infrastructure to its host community.

We must pick the pieces of our lives, we must mend fences, rebuild trust and renew confidences and friendship.This is the time for us to forge the alliances of unity, togetherness and progress.

I wish to appeal to who wish us no peace in Southern Kaduna that we must rise above our differences, whether Ethnic, Political or Religious. We must eschew division, segregation and completely abandon strife and confusion – for these are the recipe for disaster and backwardness.

We must look inwards and pick up our lives from whence it stopped. This would be the greatest undoing of our detractors and enemies of progress. We should all aspire toward a stronger and more United Southern Kaduna in particular and Kaduna in general. The pains are there, with the wounds still fresh- but as it is the soul of humanity, that Life must go on. So must we.

I call on all of us, to come together, not only to overcome this current malaise, but the many more that they may plan to unleash on our zone: for be rest assured that the God we serve will put to shame evil doers and interlopers.

So I call on all well meaning Southern Kaduna Sons and daughters from all Ethnic groups, from all faiths, from all walks of Lives, to come together and let us make Southern Kaduna great again.

It is with that not that I Finally wish to state here, that the action carried out by these vandals do not represent the collective wish of Southern Kaduna, and I hope that the Authority would leave no stone unturned in fishing out those behind this dastard act and deal with them

Sign: Senator Danjuma Laah

Source: DailyNewstime